Special Topics in Galaxies and Cosmology


Class web site: https://alexieleauthaud.github.io/ASTR214_2017/

Classes : Earth and Marine Science, B210, Tu/Th 1:30 - 3:05

Instructor: Alexie Leauthaud

Office: CfAO 113

Office hours: Tuesday 3:05pm to 5pm

Class description: In this class, we will discuss how large scale structures form from inflationary perturbations, and how galaxies form in relation to the cosmic web. We will also discuss various probes of the large scale structure such as galaxy clustering, and gravitational lensing. Finally, this class will cover models for establishing the connection between galaxies and dark matter halos, such as abundance matching and halo occupation distribution models. An emphasis will be placed on discussing recent advancements in this field. In this class, you will also become familiar with python and with Jupyter notebooks.

More detailed Syllabus including setup instructions and prerequisites